Makes Me Itchy Just Thinking About It

Son #2 found this prehistoric creature guarding the gate when he came home from school this week. He refused to come in as long as it was hovering so close to the latch.

The suspect is a long-legged something-or-other and he has been bullying my son for days. I took the following pictures as evidence.

2011 08 25_0290_edited-1.jpg
We have a strict no-bullying policy around here.
2011 08 25_0277_edited-1.jpg
The Bug Cops should be able to make a decent Wanted poster from this mugshot. If not, I guess I'll have to go buy a macro lens. I know what you're thinking, but it's for the children!

If you can identify the suspect, please put his name in the comments. Any help is appreciated.

Happy Saturday!


9 Replies to “Makes Me Itchy Just Thinking About It”

    1. Yes, he was a bit of a fright. As I was taking pictures of him he kept walking closer and closer to the camera. It was more than a little freaky to see him getting bigger and bigger in my lens!

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