The Neighbors Think I’m Crazy

The picture I’m not going to show you today is the one my neighbor probably took of me on my knees, rumpus in the air, shooting this giant butterfly in the grass first thing this morning. It probably won’t be too hard to find on Facebook though.

My own little butterfly. I will hug him and pat him and squeeze him and I will name him George.
George posed for a long time. I guess nobody told him I don't pay my models.
Maybe next time could you land in a tree?

Happy Monday!

~ Bobbi

3 Replies to “The Neighbors Think I’m Crazy”

  1. I don’t know how you do it! the grass is a different color in each photo. Is it the distance, the angle, or did you change something to make the color change? Beautiful! Never met a butterfly that looked like a George but John John Kennedy used the name for his magazine! You are in good company.

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