Family Photography | Omaha NE

Once upon a time there was a couple.

They were blessed with a baby girl and then a baby boy.

Once the babies came, time flew. In fact, some days the calendar turned faster than a tricycle wheel.

Before long, the kids grew to be tall…

…and beautiful.

The pictures on the walls, all chubby cheeks and sweet sundresses, were not really them anymore.

There were no photographs of what a lovely family they had become.

One day their mom said, “We’re going to have our pictures taken today.”

The family grumbled and groaned.

The dad reminded her of the big football game that afternoon.

The daughter flung open her closet doors and declared she had nothing to wear.

The son insisted family pictures were boring.

The mom took a deep breath and said again, “We’re going to have our pictures taken today.”

…and so they did.



5 Replies to “Family Photography | Omaha NE”

  1. LOVE these shots of this lovely family. Glad mom overruled all protests! The stone with wrought iron gate setting is very cool, and everyone looks wonderful in gray. Wow!! As always, great narrative too, Bobbi 🙂

  2. Marvelous photos of one of my favorite families!!!! Love them!!!! Grey sweaters go great with the stone background. Very Cool!!! Mary

  3. This is so lovely, Bobbi. You are living proof to me that we women become more and more fabulous and interesting as we get older 🙂

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