Ah, February! Where Have You Been All Year?

It’s my Birthday Month. Sure, sure, other people have been born this month too, but I’m going to claim it as my own for the purposes of this blog and, well, any other purpose I might think of later.

I’ll be twentynineplusthirteen and I still get a little giddy just thinking of February. It’s probably the fact that Valentine’s Day is in there, and President’s Day, and I like the color red, and it’s the shortest month, and then, of course, my baby was born in February too.

February is all kinds of awesome rolled up in a chocolate chip pancake.

If I were Jimmy Fallon, I’d write a thank you note something like this:


Candy Hearts: sexting since 1866.

So, Happy February, everyone! I hope you get the Cutie Pie Sweetheart this year!

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