It’s a Major Award {Omaha Photographer}

I did a few things over the weekend.

I drank at least $20 worth of fancy coffee.

I drove circles around the town where the World’s Largest Ball of String resides (not to be mistaken for the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.)

I ate at Chick-fil-A two times. This is not a political statement. Good chicken is hard to find.

And I won a major award.

What’s that? You want to know more about my major award? Well, I suppose I’ve got a few free minutes.

FotoChaos Photographer of the Year. They never knew what hit ’em.


It all started when I became friends with a fellow photographer who is incredibly encouraging and supportive. Her name is Jenny Gegg of Jenny Gegg Photography. You should really check her out. This nice person introduced me to a whole passel of nice people who are also encouraging and supportive. That group is called FotoChaos.

These introductions allowed me to see the door that was hiding a room of possibilities. All I had to do was kick it open.

Ha! I wish I could say that’s what I did, but in reality I knocked, peeked through the crack, and whispered in a fake British accent, “Would you mind too terribly if I came in?”

Bottom line, there was a contest. I gathered 5 of my bestest images, closed my eyes and pressed the upload button.

Four of them earned above average scores, which is good, but not award-winning in itself.

One of my images earned a merit. If you’re not bored yet and want to know what that means exactly, click here. Boiled down, it means the image was technically accurate, engaging and well done. This image earned the merit:

~ S’more Please ~ a michael and mom creation

Lucky for me, the combination of the above average scores and the merit image earned me the award. In addition to that wonderfulness, they also informed me that if I had been a member of the Professional Photographers of Missouri, I would have earned a spot in the TOP TEN in the points category.

It was a lot to take in all at once! Walking to the front of the room was horrifying. My legs were like poorly cooked pasta and all my images were up on the screen for everyone to see.

After spending the last 24 hours in close quarters with these awesomely talented people and having been protected by relative anonymity, it suddenly felt like the cashier was asking for a price check on that box of Rogaine for Women in my cart.

But they weren’t laughing. They were clapping. For me.

Here are the other four images. I have a long way to go. There is so much I want to do and so much I need to learn, but first, please excuse me while I find a place to hang that pretty plaque.

This Old House
In the Shadow of the Vatican
On the Ball
The Way to Hogwarts



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