Mini Session Love {Omaha Family Photography}

By now, you can probably tell that the ol’ bloggity blog is under some surrious constructification. After several fits and starts, a professional pried it from my cold, tired fingers and is shaping it right up! Right now I feel like I just stopped at the coffee shop and while I love the mocha they just made me, it just needs “a little something” so, I’m popping a little peppermint in it. Okay, well, SHE’S popping the peppermint. I’m standing over her shoulder saying, “okay, but can we have a little more?” You can find Carrie and all her awesomeness at Carrie Loves. She has an incredible eye for design, knows how stuff works and isn’t even show-offy about it or anything.

So, I’m pushing forward with blog posting after being reminded that “imperfect action beats perfect inaction.” What a great quote. That’s going on my tombstone. You know, once I’m past the point of being able to commit all these imperfect actions anymore.

More importantly than all that, I want you to know how awesome the Mini-Sessions were a couple Sundays ago! I had some of the most beautiful families to work with and some of the happiest kids ever! I really don’t know why I don’t do them more often.

Because it’s Thursday and because I never get to do this, I’m going to post a few before and after style outtakes. These were so much fun and I never get to show anybody why I’m cracking up while editing in the middle of the night. So here goes!

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