Reminding Myself

It’s been a crazy month and I’m feeling like I just jumped out of a rolling car. Doesn’t matter if it comes to rest on the neighbor’s camper. At least I made it home, right?

I feel like I’m getting things just halfway done.

I swear I just dusted this room!

Sandwiches for supper AGAIN?

English majors should not be losing this many games of Words with Friends. What is WRONG with you??

And those are the kinder things I’ve said to myself.

Then today, I read something that made me rethink all this harshness.


“Right now someone is praying for the life you have.”

I wish I could attribute it to someone, but I’ve done a search and can’t seem to find the source. If you know, please put it in the comments. I won’t claim it as my own, I’ll just put it out there for all of us to share.

It reminded me that I should be thankful for the dust, because it means I have a house to come home to.

I should be thankful for the sandwich, because it is more than what some will have for supper.

And I should be thankful for all those games, because it means I have friends.

I hope you’re having a beautiful, love-yourself-like-you-love-others kind of day. And even if you aren’t, maybe this will turn it around.

Loving graffiti at the Basilica of St. Nicholas in Bari, Italy. 2010



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