Photo Credit: Julie Boysen

Photo Credit: Julie Boysen

A House Full

We’re just regular folk, living on a miniature farm with a husband, a couple of kids, a dog, some cats, a few chickens and a pack of unwelcome possums. We’ve converted an old building into a studio where I make awesome happen. In addition to that, I write, daydream about Bruce Willis remaking Moonlighting and collect gray cardigans.

And I Wasn’t Even the Favorite Child

My dad bought me my first camera and built a darkroom just for me when I was 15. When I was 17, I wrote a letter to the local photographer in our small town offering to work for free all summer if he’d let me. He did. And then he paid me to stay.

So, Your School Doesn’t Offer Photography, Huh?

On the days I’m not thinking of new and innovative ways to use my English degree or selling cookie dough to pay for a new pitcher’s mound or ruining perfectly good chicken, you can find me sweeping the stones, uncovering beauty with my camera.

Got something to say? Want your picture taken? Wondering what unsweptstone means? Email me at bobbijo (@)



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Bob Furdeck

    I recognize that pantax camera that the little girl is using in your shot . That was your first SLR as I recall. Makes me feel a little bit responsible for your fantastic progress in your photographic success which is evident in the beautiful images you have show. Your Dad

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