What is an Epiphany Session?

As I’ve photographed kids and families over the years, I found that women all want and adore pictures of their loved ones, but when asked to get into the picture themselves, their answer is a firm no.

“Maybe when I lose 20 pounds.”

“My hair looks awful today.”

“I’m not dressed for it.”

Being a woman myself, I know a little something about that. In fact, I know that all those excuses mean one thing only. They are telling me they don’t think they are worth being photographed. Something about them wasn’t good enough or perfect enough to be in a picture.

And so Epiphany was born. I want it to be your reminder that no matter how many days in a row you pull your hair back, you forget your “good” chapstick or wear the bra that always pokes you in the wrong places, you are beautiful. You are beautiful with spit up on your shoulder. You can rock a pony tail like no one else. You are worth being in the picture.

Treat yourself. But if you can’t bring yourself to do that, treat your special someone. What husband wouldn’t love portraits of you at your very best to remind him of the girl he fell in love with?

Sessions are $150, including professional hair and makeup. Ready-to-hang wall portraits start at $180. Digital collections are available.

Don’t wait any longer. Have your Epiphany today!